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The Foerster + Thelen Group offers you various services in the area of market and opinion research. As independent providers, integrated into a broad international network, we draw on over 45 years of experience.

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Our field services in detail

In the case of product tests, we can use our entire face-to-face interviewer field. In the standard case, the selection of the target persons is carried out by means of upstream concealed pre-recruitment, which is configured regionally or nationwide according to the requirements.

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Some of our interviewers are trained for mystery shopping studies. In this study, they have experience in the thematic areas of car dealers, exhibition centres, restaurants, real estate companies, retail stores (e.g. clothing, mobile communications, computers, optics, food) and also mystery calls.

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We collect high-quality data quickly and cost-effectively in our telephone studios. Our trained telephone interviewers can be used both in the field of population surveys and in the “business-to-business sector”. Our total capacity includes 270 web-enabled CATI stations.

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The experienced, efficient and high-quality data collection of the Foerster + Thelen Group is, of course, also supported by technical equipment. We currently have over 400 laptops, 100 tablets and 100 smartphones, which we provide to our interviewers for the duration of the projects.

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The Foerster + Thelen Group has its own German online panel of “web interviewers”, with approximately 50,000 active members. In addition, we continually conduct international online research with our partners from around the world.

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In the field of goods collection weekly surveys are carried out in the retail trade using a hand scanner. The stored data are transmitted via DT. At present, 280 intensively trained traders handle approximately 1000 retail stores.

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In the case of quota projects, the target persons are mostly recruited from the environment of our interviewers. For each project, an individually recruited pool of potential survey participants is created from which the appropriate target persons are selected, according to the quotas of our clients.

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With our trained POS interviewers, we carry out continuous assignments in food markets, department stores, petrol stations, railway stations, trains and buses as well as at exhibitions and trade fairs. A special training and control program ensures optimal validity and reliability of the collected data.

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In Germany, 300 of our interviewers are familiar with the study of classical random-route and random addressing procedures.

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The task range of our test studios is enormous and is not limited to the interviewing of subjects. Whether a new baking mix or chocolate is tasted, a dish cooked or a detergent is to be tested.

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All of our group discussion and test studios in Europe have large discussion and observation rooms with one-way mirrors and are fully equipped with the latest audio and video recording technology.

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Our studios are perfect for a wide range of different test methods. Eye tracking and usability testing are part of our portfolio.

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All our test studios are in a central location. 
In the middle of optimal infrastructure for field research, high passerby frequency as well as high population and operational density. Here we can test, discuss and observe.

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The Foerster + Thelen Group continuously conducts multinational studies in which a large part of the markets are covered by their own capacities or coordinates complete research projects with their proven and proven partners.

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Hosting and programming are handled centrally in Bochum as well as in Berlin. In our project management, we are professional, precise and transparent.

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