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We can make use of the entire face-to-face interviewer field of the Foerster + Thelen Group. The target population is determined in the form of upstream covert pre-recruitment, which is configured regionally or nationwide according to the requirements. We reach a large part of the population across the country and have access to a huge range of people, education and income levels, regions (nationwide/Nielsen areas) as well as urban and rural populations.


In the case of quota projects, the target persons are generally recruited from the environment of the interviewers. We focus on many nationalities, different individual tendencies or fields of activity from potential target groups, as well as on a range of professional groups. For each project, an individually recruited pool of potential survey participants is created, from which the suitable target persons are then selected according to the quota specifications of the clients. Depending on the preference, the projects can be carried out using laptops, paper & pencil questionnaires, smartphones or tablet PCs. Typical quotas are, for example, characteristics such as gender, age, household size, state and size. Sometimes personal interests or specific consumption behaviour are important.

Two handsome businessmen in shirts sitting at the wooden table in urban cafe and using laptop.

The identification of telephone numbers or e-mail addresses of the target persons is then borne in mind when visitors or customers are interviewed at major events, but must not be distracted unnecessarily during the event. As a rule, they are interviewed one or two days later by phone or online. In this way, the survey participants still remember their immediate experiences.

Obviously, many variations of the survey techniques described are possible. We are geared to the needs and requirements of our clients, whether they need passenger surveys, frequency surveys, traffic surveys or other observations, sometimes supported by photos or films.

Your target group is not a needle in the haystack – we will find them!