The fieldwork for quantitative projects is performed as a central task of the Foerster + Thelen Group. Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI) are computer-assisted face-to-face surveys carried out with the aid of an electronic recording device.

Tochter zeigt ihrem Senior den Umgang mit einem Tablet Computer

The implementation of comprehensive, complex questionnaires is thus possible. A major advantage of this method, in comparison to written interviews, is the elimination of manual data entry, since the data is immediately available in digital form.

In the case of studies with high numbers of cases, according to the random, address-random or quota method, the selection of the collection medium is left to the client:


Whether technically supported, i.e. by laptop, tablet PC, smartphone or digital camera, whether online or offline, or by paper questionnaire. We have the equipment, the capacity and the know-how to carry out and monitor the projects according to client specifications.

The interviewer team of the Foerster + Thelen Group provides our technical equipment for the duration of the projects. Currently, we have 400 laptops, 200 tablets and 100 smartphones.