We carry out telephone surveys on behalf of large trading chains, insurance and financial services providers, pharmaceutical companies, radio stations or media organisations. In our telephone studios, high-quality data are collected quickly and cost-effectively. Our trained telephone interviews are used both in the field of population surveys and in the “business-to-business sector”. Our total capacity includes 270 web-enabled CATI stations. Programming and hosting are handled centrally in Bochum as well as in Berlin. Our CATI software is VOXCO Command Centre.


We handle your projects professionally and meticulously and are well aware that the quality of the data collection depends, among other factors, to a large extent on our interviewers. Continuous training, quality control and a pleasant working environment are our top priorities. In our centres in Barcelona, Berlin, Bochum and Dresden, well-trained and managed supervisors are used for your surveys. We work mainly with a long-standing and highly motivated interviewer base and have specialists in all areas.

Whether complex political surveys or sophisticated B2B surveys. Whether seven days a week, early in the morning in Russia or late in the evening in Brazil – through a trusting interaction with our interviewers, we are able to react quickly and reliably. We continuously monitor the data collection process and are already investigating the reliability and plausibility of the collected data during the survey.


Our telephone interviewers are flexible, communicative and friendly and can interfere confidently in any situation. Our motto is: Only a good-humoured and engaged interviewer is a successful interviewer! We always strive to give them the best possible support so as to keep highly qualified interviewers in our team.

At our locations, we have modern CATI slots with up-to-date software, which makes possible complex questionnaire setup with filter guidance, rotations of questions or question groups, introduction of acoustic stimuli etc. Of course, we are happy for you to attend pretests at our locations.