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Point of sales


With our trained point-of-sale interviewers, we carry out interviews inter alia in food markets, department stores, petrol stations, train stations, trains and buses as well as at trade fairs and exhibitions. Through our special training and control program, we ensure optimal validity and reliability of the data obtained. More than 100 man-days per month are routine for us!


Client surveys can only be carried out professionally if they are carried out according to fixed methodological rules. This makes it possible for differentiated conclusions to be drawn about the dissatisfaction or satisfaction of the client with the service of the providers. The survey is conducted directly in the shop or at the point of sale, so that the respondent can give precise information about the business visit just completed, even before he has forgotten the details or lost memories through other activities. Our nationwide training events help us to ensure the validity of the data, as we familiarise our interviewers and new entrants with the methodical approach and the requirements for point of sale projects.


In the example of a routine project, we present the most important points for dealing with target persons, questionnaires and technical recording devices in these events, since the majority of the POS projects are carried out with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

After the basic qualification, our point-of-sale interviewers receive well-prepared study material for each project and are supported by telephone, for example in the form of telephone projects and/or role-play.