CAWI / Online Questionnaires


With our partners from all over the world, we are continually conducting international online surveys. Our own German online-panel of “webfrager” consists of about 45,000 active members. Our online software QuestBack allows us to program in any language. Audiovisual elements can also be fully integrated without problems.


We offer high sample quality through offline and online recruiting of the panel participants, postal invitations to surveys for rare Internet users and ongoing adaptation of the panel to the dynamic development of the Internet user population. We ensure complete anonymity for the participants’ personal data and have professional survey software. We are fast and offer our clients prompt scheduling of online surveys and daily results through online reporting.


Through a flexible structure of the questionnaire, everything is possible between “One question – one screen” and “All questions on one screen”: open and closed question types (including scaled answers, semantic differentials, polarity profiles, item batteries, multiple selection and selection lists), programming of adaptive filter functions (e.g. feeding individual questions only to specific subgroups), randomisation by rotation of questions, whole question blocks or individual items in item batteries to control possible primacy and recency effects, integration of multimedia elements, return to the questionnaire in the event of temporary aborting and reversing in the questionnaire, a graphical progress indicator (“progress bar”) for a rough estimate of the length of the questionnaire by the interviewee, flexible layout: Adaptation to your corporate design possible without problems, continuous field statistics (return rate, number of crashes), comprehensive statistics on the processing time (e.g. length of lingering per question), SSL encryption.

We implement complicated recruitment for you, by screening the panelists to interview your target group. We recruit, nurture and consult your exclusive special panel.