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Mystery Shopping / Calling / Guesting

Mystery Shopping / Calling / Guesting

With mystery shopping (test purchases/test calls/test visits), trained interviewers (test buyers) act as customers and perform in concrete client situations. This is a procedure for assessing the quality of a service.


The focus is on an as objective assessment of the quality characteristics as possible. The provision of the respective service of the person tested is assessed according to a previously defined criteria list. The test buyers work according to a given scenario, always concealed. The service employees should not be aware that these are test purchases, in order not to distort the results. As a rule, the results of a mystery shopping project are used by the company as a self-monitoring measure and will not be published. In addition to service guidelines such as friendliness, product competency or attention, placements of advertising and retail products, cleanliness, order and much more can be tested.


The purpose of this procedure is to uncover weaknesses in order to be able to subsequently improve them. The data can be collected personally, e.g. in the field or at the point of sale, by telephone in the call centre or in writing. They are used to measure service or consultancy quality or serve as a basis for upcoming training measures. In addition to test purchases, test calls (mystery calls) or services in restaurants or hotels (mystery guests) can be performed as service tests.

Our mystery shoppers have particular experience in the thematic areas of restaurants, car showrooms, exhibition venues, real estate companies, retail stores (e.g. computers, mobile phones, opticians, food, clothing) as well as mystery calls.