Eye-tracking / Usability tests


We have many years of experience in the handling and implementation of various studies and test methods. From tasting tests to eye tracking, from CATI to usability tests – we provide you with competent and flexible support for everything you do.


With our modernly equipped test studios, we create optimal conditions for successful market research and valid results throughout Germany. Our locations are all in the best position and leave nothing to be desired in terms of technology as well as construction and equipment of the premises. Virtually all test methods can be implemented in them. A passion for market research, creativity, knowledge, enthusiasm, openness, many years of experience and a sharpened and trained look, shape the climate of our team.

Product and web design concept with a 3d rendering of related words and usability text highlighted with a green marker.

Without losing sight of established and tried and tested methods, we constantly dare to look to the future. As a flexible and knowledge-hungry business, we are constantly adapting to the market or implementing individual wishes jointly with our customers.