Focus Groups


The top priority of the Foerster + Thelen Group is service orientation. We are aware that valid results depend to a large extent on the right atmosphere of well-being for the test persons and that the perfect implementation of projects is very important for our clients.


For this reason, you always have a personal contact with us, who takes care of the precise implementation of your ideas.

Our team is motivated, well-trained and experienced and is at all times committed and prudent about all matters – from recruitment to evaluation.

Our studios have numerous group discussion and observation rooms that are air-conditioned, spacious and comfortably furnished and decorated, some with living room furniture, digital, swivelling zoom cameras and disposable mirrors.


Our international clients love the option of being able to track discussions by live web-stream and follow them with simultaneous interpreters. In addition, our rooms have large flat screens, complete audio and video equipment as well as cable and internet access in all test rooms. A simultaneous interpreter system, beamers, metaplaners, flipcharts and magnetic walls can also be used as required.