The Foerster + Thelen Group puts its entire face-to-face interview field at the disposal of the product testing department. With the help of upstream concealed pre-recruitment, the selection of the target persons is performed, which can be applied either regionally or nationwide, depending on the requirements of our clients. We can cover the vast majority of the population by area, with different educational and income levels and from different regions (federal states/Nielsen areas). Thus, we have access to both urban and rural populations.

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But also to many nationalities, different professional groups and different individual preferences or task areas of potential test persons. All common collection media are available. Our clients decide whether to work with laptop, classic paper & pencil questionnaire, smartphone or tablet PC. Over the course of a year, we send out about 10,000 packages of test products to our interviewers or the subjects involved, supported by our high-performance product recording. Your target group is not a needle in the haystack – we will find them!

Product tests are one of the most widely used and most frequently used surveys in the field of market research, especially in consumer goods research. Areas of application for product tests include, for example, studies on the marketability of a new product type and of well-established trade marks already established in the early phase of product development or review of the market position in order to identify weak points compared to successful competitors.

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